$599.99 USD

Want to do a design, product, and coaching session with me for an hour? Let's design a workshop together.
Guaranteed to add value and jump-start you in your next big project. This is a good way to experience 1:1 high-performance coaching with Drew Bridewell. Spots are limited. 


Next Level UX

What's Included:

  • 2022 Camp Replays (Value $5,000)

  • 2023 - 12 Next Level UX workshops (Value $5,000)

  • Next Level UX - 12-week coaching program (Value $1899.99)

  • BONUS - UX Playbook - Volume 1 - PDF ($99.99)

Total Annual Performance Training Value: Yearly Value $12,000 

Need a payment Plan? Pay in 3 monthly payments 

or 6 month payment plan

Next Level UX
 was founded to give you a holistic foundation on how you can achieve more with high-performance training and practice in product and design.

This includes a full year of on-demand Product and Design Training, Personal Development, and Life Coaching from Drew Bridewell.


World-Class Inspiration!

Meet Drew, your Next Level Guide.

Drew Bridewell will be your guide and coach. Drew is a Certified High-Performance Coach, Founder of Next Level UX, and Head of Design and Product at GrowthDay. Drew hosts Practical UX Weekly on LinkedIn Learning, and volunteers at the Stanford d.School , San Jose State University, and is a SCAD Alumni. Drew's passionate about Performance Management, Learning, Design Education, and leveling up teams design Maturity. He previously worked at Facebook, InVision, LinkedIn, and the late great Lynda.com

Topics included: 

  1. Clarity - How you self-identify, integrate, and develop awareness in your life
  2. Goals - The big rocks you decide to put your focus, energy, and dedication to
  3. Action Planning - The art of breaking down your priorities and knocking them down in harmony
  4. Practice - Build an integrated development plan that's designed to help you grow
  5. Design Energy - Sustain the energy to design at the next level
  6. Design Clarity - Increase the harmony of how you build and lead design 
  7. Design Productivity - Optimize your design effectiveness as you scale, learn, and grow.
  8. Design Impact - Align your design effort to business impact and crush your performance reviews
  9. Purpose - Connect to why you do what you do, and use that as a driver for your next level
  10. Influence and Courage - Develop strategies to better create, share, get feedback, and repeat it day after day, week after week, consistently.
  11. Tools, People, Tactics - Learn to develop a relationship with the people, tools, and tactics that serve and empower you 
  12. Reflection  The key to unlocking the next level is consistent self-evaluation and reflection and making personal development a way of life