Accelerate your career in UX

We help you achieve your next level by:

  • Offering an interactive coaching and development program 
  • 1:1 design coaching that targets high-performance design tactics 
  • We offer a series of programs built to accelerate design maturity across 12 career impacting pillars
  • Starting with Mapping to Learn, Action Planning in Dec, and Career Accelerator in January
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My path to learning and development

I'm so incredibly grateful to share the high-performance strategies and tactics I've learned and developed from designing and educating over the past 15 years.


Spent twenty months building three net new product experiences tackling virtual and career growth challenges.


Focused on design transformation through strategic support, workshops, and design-oriented coaching sessions 


Design Lead, focusing on enterprise learning strategies and solutions along with complex content and user migrations.

Lead designer on project Nova, the responsive redesign of which thrived through two acquisitions.


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Accelerate Your System Thinking

A fast, efficient, and visual way to gain a deep understanding of how an experience works and to start your journey on becoming a system thinker.

Learn more about Mapping to Learn

Move the needle

Understand how to analyze and approach planning your personal, project, and career goals so you can spend your day focused on impact, focus, and priorities


Accelerate your career

Our most impactful program is for the creative who feels stagnant in their career  and needs help finding their purpose and identity as a creative

Align your values with your goals and planned actions

Find courage, and develop more influence

Find excitement and joy in the challenges you face through design clarity


"Drew was the glue to our new UX team.

He brings about an energy that drove us forward, no matter what. Drew guided us through the process with intelligence, understanding, and a passion for pushing us to be the best we could possibly be. Our design team was working almost 100% remotely, and Drew helped us navigate the intricacies of asynchronous collaboration. When we had blocs, Drew gave us brilliant strategies to get us out of our heads. He has a gift of thinking to make and making to think. Without Drew, we wouldn’t have had half the success we did in our project. If you are a designer or team looking to get to the next level, I would recommend Drew Bridewell in a heartbeat."

Chris Huntly, Product/Project  Manager (Stanford

A 16 week Transformation story

“Next Level UX coaching program is the best UX education program on the market".

"Before enrollment, I was searching for different design programs that potentially can help me with my career. Drew Bridewell’s Next Level UX caught my eyes. Because it not only teaches designers about tools and tactics, more importantly, it helps you mentally prepare to be a better designer.

"After 12 weeks of hard work, I earned my certification from Next Level UX, and it’s safe to say that it even exceeded my expectations from the start. Every week I read books Drew recommended to me, worked on the Figma interactive files, watched on-demand videos to hone my UX skills, and Drew is there to answer my questions every week. "

"It not only helped land a design job but also prepared me well for a successful design career in the long term. I highly recommend this program to aspiring designers!"

Di Sun, Product Designer

Di Sun
Jump Start

We provide top 12 career-defining pillars that help you build a holistic and authentic identity as a designer.

Accelerate and Elevate

Your dream job is waiting for you. Give yourself the fuel it needs to perform its best. We'll take out the guesswork and mobilize you into being a confident design force.

Career and Design Maturity

As you advance through your program, we'll make sure you have access all of the tactics, practices, and support you need to push past plateaus and become your strongest self. 


Next Level UX is a career accelerator. We focus on delivering high-performance tactics and training to help you elevate your work and perspectives on how to execute some of the most challenging topics in the product creation space. Subscribe below to get informed as we release new products, services, and free content!

"Working with Drew equipped me with a whole toolkit of skills that helped propel my design career!"

Drew Bridewell is the epitome of a leader. From his coaching styles to his technical skills, Drew is the perfect person to bring you or your team to success. Working with Drew equipped me with a whole toolkit of skills that helped propel my design career. His ability to see where you can improve and his empathy for what it takes to understand the complexities and intricacies of design, helped us navigate the unknown and set us up with the knowledge of how to push forward!
Drew has years of experience that are seen through his dedication, inspiration, and ability to share those skills with you. If you are looking for someone who knows the ins-and-outs of UX design or need someone in your life to take your design career to the next level, be sure to connect with Drew. The minute you meet Drew, you know you’ll be in good hands.

Arnold (A.J.) Aldana, Project Manager

"Drew was the highlight of my past 6 months being a student of his NextLevelUX program gave me an exponential career boost"

"We planned together the next 5 years of my career, worked on rebranding myself, mastered the craft, gained design clarity, energy, and much more that can't be summed up here.
Check out Drew's new NextLevelUX, or as we call it "Drew's Tesla" :D it's not a mere UX program, it's not a course... it's much much bigger and inclusive, It will be the biggest investment in your career as it is for mine."

Abdelhamid Younis, Product Designer

Execution Strategies

I’m a huge fan of efficiency and intentionality. This next practice is an example of the type of tactics I share inside Next Level UX.


  1. Basic Mapping template
  2. Weekly High Impact Worksheet
  3. Storyboard Template
  4. Weekly Schedule